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Olson Gallery

Olson Gallery

Chicago, IL


A collection of artwork that has been purchased throughout America during the past two decades. More than 350 of the paintings in this collection have been on display at restaurants throughout Chicago. The restaurant owners and customers seem to enjoy the artwork and the artists appreciate getting the public exposure.


Amigos by Kurt Olson


Corner View by Jennifer Noren


Sharon by Darlene Fernald


Living Water 1 by Paul Myhre


Living Water 2 by Paul Myhre


Living Water 3 by Paul Myhre


Candy by Kurt Olson


Cassius Clay - Muhammad Ali by Eric Cunningham


Popcorn Sutton - Heaven's Bootlegger by Eric Cunningham


Whiskey Pour by Herb Van de Eau


Cicero Bottling Works Chicago Brewing by Kurt Olson


Rocky Marciano by Eric Cunningham


Outlaw Josey Wales by Eric Cunningham


Hank Williams by Eric Cunningham


Galloping by Kurt Olson


Carl Porter - Serpent Handling Preacher by Eric Cunningham


Devil Went Down To Georgia by Eric Cunningham


Miner - Lamp Is My Sun by Eric Cunningham


Folsom Prison Train by Eric Cunningham


Murderous Mary - Hung in 1916 by Eric Cunningham


Robert Johnson at the Crossroads by Eric Cunningham


Blue Hydrangia by Harry Hartshorne Jr


Chicken Man of Chicago by Eric Cunningham


Copper Cubes by Tate Fallon


Jolly Cubes by Tate Fallon


Swirly by Kurt Olson


The Pit by Unsigned


Grace by Kurt Olson


Sheila by Kurt Olson


Spread by Kurt Olson


Swedish Christmas Tree by Kurt Olson


Old Glory by Kurt Olson


Canned Carrots by Claude Schneider


Canned Pears by Claude Schneider


Pickled Cucumbers by Claude Schneider


Canned Peaches by Claude Schneider


Sweet Shirley the Cow by Claude Schneider


Green Apple on basket by Claude Schneider


Vintage Cap Sign by Kurt Olson


Pond by Kurt Olson


Yardsticks - Colorful by Kurt Olson


The Mississippi by Kurt Olson


Dwight Yoakam by Darlene Fernald


Tools by Kurt Olson


Lucifer Jug by Izabella West


Yardsticks - antique by Kurt Olson


Radio by Kurt Olson


Wrestling Match by Janice Wetzel