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Olson Gallery

Olson Gallery

Chicago, IL


A collection of artwork that has been purchased throughout America during the past two decades. More than 350 of the paintings in this collection have been on display at restaurants throughout Chicago. The restaurant owners and customers seem to enjoy the artwork and the artists appreciate getting the public exposure.


Bewitched In The Living Room by M Hunter


Fireworks At Night by D Brush


The Life of Harry Hartshorne by Harry Hartshorne


Sitting Bull by Eric Cunningham


Ascension of Christ by Eric Cunningham


Lorenzo Fugate by Eric Cunningham


Alligator Rodeo by Eric Cunningham


Abraham Lincolnstein by Eric Cunningham


Moonshine Still by Eric Cunningham


Esther Olson - sharp shooter by Eric Cunningham


Robert De Niro Portrait by Kurt Olson


Haven In The Woods by Claudia Popov


Bob Marley -Music Quote by Eric Cunningham


PopCorn Sutton by Eric Cunningham


Crazy Quilt by Izabella West


Lava by Kurt Olson


Spring Planting 1 by Kurt Olson


Spring Planting 2 by Kurt Olson


Spotted Mid Stream by Gabriel Valesguiz


Corn Harvest 1 by Kurt Olson


Corn Harvest 2 by Kurt Olson


Still Got That Glow by unsigned


Tan and Beige Composition by Kurt Olson


Blue Splash by Kurt Olson


Rope Holder by Izabella West


The Rock River by Kurt Olson


Darwin Evolution - Only A Theory Painting Art by Herb Van de Eau


Mona Lisa on the patio by Herb Van de Eau


Pink Piggy by Izabella West


First Day Of School by Karoline Albu


Gossiping Chickens by Kurt Olson


Ruland Box by Kurt Olson


Al Capone Portrait by Jennifer Noren


Horse Head by Unsigned


vintage frame by Kurt Olson


Yardsticks - aged 18 inch closer 21 by Kurt Olson


Yardsticks - aged 18 inch closer 1 by Kurt Olson


Yardsticks - aged 18 inch by Kurt Olson


Yardsticks - tan by Kurt Olson


Deco Train by Tate Fallon


Pine Trees by Glenn Olson


Harmonica by Esther Olson


Blueberries by Esther Olson


Peaches by Esther Olson


Birdhouse by Esther Olson


Autumn Leaves by Kurt Olson


NIght Light by Kurt Olson


Pines by Kurt Olson