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Olson Gallery

Olson Gallery

Chicago, IL


A collection of artwork that has been purchased throughout America during the past two decades. More than 350 of the paintings in this collection have been on display at restaurants throughout Chicago. The restaurant owners and customers seem to enjoy the artwork and the artists appreciate getting the public exposure.


Swimming at the res by Kurt Olson


Cabin with blossoms woods spring by Kurt Olson


Spring Creek by Kurt Olson


Hope In The Desert by Clifford Cox


Indiana State Fair by Clifford Cox


Squeezing Sorghum For Sugar by Clifford Cox


Slaughter by Eric Cunningham


Pig Chasing by Eric Rhodes


Two Handled Saw Blade by Kurt Olson


Roses - Red Orange Pink by Harry Hartshorne Jr


My Girls by Harry Hartshorne Jr


Blue Bouquet by Harry Hartshorne Jr


Hanging Plant by Harry Hartshorne Jr


Weeping Willow by Harry Hartshorne Jr


Crashing Wave by Kurt Olson


Third Gate by Kurt Olson


At The Crossroads by Eric Cunningham


Kurt Olson Portrait July 2002 by B B in NYC


Kurt Olson Portrait Sept 2002 by Fifiz in NYC


Dale Earnhardt Sr. - The Intimidator by Eric Cunningham


Richard Petty by Eric Cunningham


Dracula by Eric Cunningham


Beast by Eric Cunningham


Frankenstein by Eric Cunningham


Twisted Snakes by Eric Cunningham


Ready To Play Guitar by Jennifer Noren


Wooded Stream by Abe Conner


Bird Dog by Gary Bassett


Swan Pair by H A Coughlin


Mother's Day by Mia Eheba


JFK Portrait by C E Clark


Payback by Jon Jones


Clara by Robert R Williams


Humphrey Bogart by H Bolt


Mountain Man by Mike Brewer


Aunt Elsie by Samuel Smith


Candle Light by unsigned


John Belushi as a WWII pilot by Sam


Hawaiian Girl by Robert R Williams


Studs Turkle by Kurt Olson


Immigrants by L Draabye


Passion of Mark Twain by Dave Luebbert


Community Harvest by Lucile E Mead


The Illusive Image by Michelle Albandoz


Geoscape III by Ken Shotwell


Composure by P Jenkin


The Hunter by A Nuster


Gloucester MA by Ernest de Nagy