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Olson Gallery

Olson Gallery

Chicago, IL


A collection of artwork that has been purchased throughout America during the past two decades. More than 350 of the paintings in this collection have been on display at restaurants throughout Chicago. The restaurant owners and customers seem to enjoy the artwork and the artists appreciate getting the public exposure.


City Harbor by Antohi


Sailboat by Bricker


On The Patio by Unknown


Deserted Train Depot by D Tomasik


Mikey the Solitary Puppy by Chad Feltrin


Global Dance by unsigned


Impatient Friend Nick by Sam Peban


Laugh Ette by Sam Peban


The Pack - Horse Races by Wolf Reuther


Harness Races by M OConnell


Tangled Balloons by Victoria Young


Life Preserver by Danielli


Barn and Boards by B Seifert


Clothes Line by B Seifert


Back Yard Stairs by B Seifert


Hoosier Cabin by Francis Clark Brown


Back Woods by Norma Brown


Autumn Trees by Reke


Autumn Glow 1981 by Jaqui Batchford


splash of color by John Hornberger


Dog Woodcut Folk Art by unkonwn


Titti Dejon Fall Michigan by Louise Colussi


Chain Linked Fence 1985 by Marcia Henderson


Urban Family by Ilwu


Home Sweet Home by Stephen I Stoller


Lilacs 1970 by Willemsen


Flowers and Fruit 1967 by Kate Nicoll


Flowers and Apples On Table by Helen Woodward


Yellow Bouquet by Otto Leiber


Lilacs by Hershal Fullen


Yellow Roses by E Jo Pults


Vintage Peonies by Keith


Purple Daisies by Karl C Meyers


Red Roses by Karl C Meyers


Nasturtiam by Karl C Meyers


Zinnias by Karl C Meyers


Lillies by Bagnoli


Mod Flowers by Gebelak


Roses - Red Orange Pink by J W Holland


petunias by Ethel Gilchrist Love


The Way We Were by Alice K MacDonald


Hoosier Covered Bridge 1981 by Paul Hamilton


Summer Road by Voskuyel


Old Store by Wersinger


Forest Fire by A Salsich


Shoe Cobbler Rack by Kurt Olson


Landscape by C Aspy


Raccoon In The Flowers by Al Jenkins