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Olson Gallery

Olson Gallery

Chicago, IL


A collection of artwork that has been purchased throughout America during the past two decades. More than 350 of the paintings in this collection have been on display at restaurants throughout Chicago. The restaurant owners and customers seem to enjoy the artwork and the artists appreciate getting the public exposure.


Ice Skating by unsigned


The Catch by CJ


Brownsville Bridge by Faye Wilcox


Family Farm by Zywica


Nervously Awaiting by Florence Smithburn


Scenic Fisherman by A W


How Many Windows ? by Fradiani Patrizio


Egg Man by Tomas Parra


Before The Fall by Brian Heiser


Night Club by Albert Kaytor


Dinner Date by Albert Kaytor


The Oxteam At Sunset by William Greason


Rainy Evening by unsigned


Goldfish by LuLu Cameron


Autumn Woods by Paul Hamilon


Chiclets by C E Urion


Antique Pay Phone by Hershal Fullen


Table Setting by Witteborg


Table with Guitar and Vase by Otto Rothenburgh


Wooded Cabin by A Krichman


Manitowish Waters by Anne Conness


Old Shed by R Kolker


Dog by Hershal Fullen



Schnauzola by Cadiz


Whoopi Goldberg #6 by Elwari Ellis


We Three by Joan Wozniak


City - blue and black by Barbarella Holberg


Abstract Drips by Rubin


Elvis as Olympia by Loretta Bourque


Clowns by Beth Samuelson


Nothingness by Stephen A Hussack


Peaceful Wedding by Mike Hefner


Chicago's Coliseum by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Municipal Pier by Kurt Olson


Chicago at State and Washington St. by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Government Building and Post Office by Kurt Olson


Chicago's North Pond at Lincoln Park by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Madison St. Bridge by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Lake Shore Drive by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Grant Memorial in Lincoln Park by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Illinois Central Train Depot by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Federal Building and Post Office by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Drexel Blvd by Kurt Olson


Chicago's State Street Lift Bridge by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Jack Knife Bridge by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Public Library by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Washington Park Lagoon by Kurt Olson


Chicago's Hotel Sherman by Kurt Olson